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About Us

Mission Statement


Doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of ALL of our students by providing them with a positive alternative to the traditional high school setting.



To be the difference for those who need something different to succeed.













To increase our school’s attendance rate (to meet the district’s goals, but also to prepare our students for their future employers’ expectations).

To improve our students’ skills (to increase the number of students passing their assessments and courses, but also to assist them in becoming life-long learners). 

To improve opportunities for the community (to ensure that they feel welcomed at B.G.S., but also to build and develop positive relationships between students, faculty, and staff).

To decrease the number of disciplinary referrals our students earn (to minimize lost instructional time, but also to assist students in becoming socially responsible citizens).

To increase our school’s graduation rate (to increase our school’s letter grade, but also to ensure more of our students complete high school and earn their high school diploma).